Departmental Reporting And Job Costing

Departmental Reporting And Job Costing2018-12-08T11:23:42+00:00

A “total company” profit & loss statement usually just isn’t enough to gain a clear understanding of where you’re making money and where you may not be making money. It’s also important to measure the financial results of managers and executives in order to hold them accountable for their job performance. To do that your financial reporting needs to be broken down to logical segments of your business. Possibilities include segmenting your business by:

  • Physical location if you have multiple locations
  • Business unit or line of business
  • Management hierarchy
  • Type of customer

Other companies really need to measure the financial performance of each project or job. Whether it’s slicing your company into departments or performing job costing, we work with our clients to structure your books and perform the accounting so you receive the information you need, in the format you need, to effectively manage your business.