Start planning for what’s in frontof youinstead of just looking at what’s behind you

Some business people dread the thought of budgeting and forecasting. They say “nobody knows what will happen in the future”. These people simply don’t understand the immense value in financial forecasting and budgeting.

Ever wish you had a way to forecast what the financial results of your business will look like in the future under different scenarios and assumptions ? Wouldn’t you love to know what parts of your business are profitable, which ones aren’t, and how you can improve your financial results ?

e:countable works with business owners to develop customized forecast models specific to their business. Models are built to allow the business owner to see the cause and effect relationship between their decisions or assumptions and the resulting impact on the financial statements and cash flow. This enables you to understand the ramifications of your business decisions and solidify your plans for the future.

Are you thinking of adding locations, products or services ? Perhaps you’re getting ready to buy a business or start a new one.

We help you plan for and manage the opportunities ahead.