Getting Started

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We know it can be a big decision for business owners to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting, so we try to make the transition as smooth as possible. Following are the processes typically followed:

  • Introduction – Call (757) 962-1080 or email to have an initial discussion about your needs and our services.
  • Assessment – We perform an assessment on your books to see how clean and up-to-date they are. This assessment is performed at no cost or obligation to you. In order for us to perform our assessment we will need the following:
    • Copy of your accounting file (typically QuickBooks)
    • Most recent bank statements
    • Most recent credit card statements
    • Most recent tax return
    • Most recent payroll register
  • Scope – Once we perform our assessment we schedule a second call or meeting to discuss your expectations and our services. We talk through our Service Level Agreement which itemizes every service we offer so you can decide which services you would like us to perform. As we discuss each service, we describe the operating procedures, or “what it will look like” to outsource to us. We also discuss the reporting structure of your business, information you wish you had, and enhancements to your existing financial reports.
  • Proposal – Based on the Assessment we perform on your books and the Scope that is agreed to, we then prepare and provide you with our engagement agreement which includes the details of the scope of work we are to perform, client responsibilities, terms, conditions and pricing. Everything is done electronically, so you can sign our agreement electronically anywhere you have internet access.
  • Onboarding – We coordinate with you the timing and resources to:
    • Load your accounting file on our platform
    • Configure systems to pay your bills
    • Add you to our portal in order to transfer sensitive documents securely
    • Perform the day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting you’ve engaged us to do
    • Obtain view and download access to your bank accounts (not the ability to move funds)
    • Obtain view and download access to your credit card accounts
    • Obtain access to or configure your payroll account
    • Restructure and cleanup your chart of accounts
    • Perform year-to-date accounting catch up work if books are not up to date
    • Reconcile balance sheet accounts at beginning of year and most recent month-end
    • Discuss details of processes to be followed for accounts payable, bill payment, payroll, etc
    • Continually refine processes and proactively communicate with client

The onboarding process can take a couple of weeks or several months depending on the circumstances. While it may take some time to completely clean up your books, we usually begin performing the day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting immediately upon engagement. We recognize that outsourcing involves changing some of your business procedures so we work diligently to make our processes efficient for you and the transition to our service as painless to you as possible.