Before you become a client of e:countable we meet with you twice (face-to-face or remotely). First, an introductory meeting to determine at a high level if we’re a good fit for each other: second an in-depth meeting of several hours to gain a clear understanding of your business or non profit, your needs and expectations. No fee. No obligation. Our proposal is then prepared and will spell out the agreed upon services, timeframes, and the flat monthly fee you will be charged.
Your e:countable team will initially include three qualified accountants: your primary accountant and main contact, an accountant who will reconcile your accounts, and a controller who will disperse funds on your behalf, always with your electronic approval.
In most cases, we transfer your existing accounting file to our platform, where we keep all historical data. If your books need to be cleaned up, we will clean up and reconcile the current year data. As long as your data is on our platform, it is backed up nightly and retained for 90 days. I’s also backed up quarterly and retained for one year.
You can access you data anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access.
You will never lose control of your cash flow because nothing gets paid without your approval. Our Service Level Agreement will define the services e:countable will perform for you and the frequency of those services. Processes are defined up front so that you’re comfortable and in control. If you choose to leave e:countable at any time you will be provided with the most recent version of your accounting or general ledger file.
Only the accountants on our staff (w-2 employees) will have access to your general ledger file. We don’t outsource to independent bookkeepers or accountants, and we are all here in the USA. As the business owner you will have access to it as well if you so choose.
That’s certainly one possibility. However, in many cases we supplement an organization’s bookkeeper perhaps due to growth, partially reassigning your existing bookkeeper to other duties, or as a way to build in controls to mitigate the risk of fraud. We can provide full-service, or à la carte. Your choice.
Before you become our client we meet with you twice, including an introductory meeting and an in-depth meeting of several hours for us to gain a clear understanding of your business, processes, and what’s important to you. Our meetings are also meant to provide you with an understanding of the services we provide and how we provide them. We will assess the condition of your QuickBooks files as well as the quantity and complexity of transactions. Then, a flat monthly fee is determined so you will be aware of your monthly invoice. In most cases, e:countable can provide bookkeeping services for the same or less than a qualified, full-time bookkeeper.
We will set you up on our platform and teach you how to view and approve bills or documents online. The first couple of months is a transition period from your current bookkeeping processes to ours. We will work closely with you during the transition to our platform and processes the first couple of months of being on board. It is vitally important to us that you are completely comfortable with the systems and processes when outsourcing your accounting to us.

Service Levels

We have developed three levels of service to provide relief from the “bookkeeping” pain you’re encountering. We even customize our services to address specific issues you may be dealing with.


  • Traditional ‘write-up’ service
  • You: pay your bills, invoice your clients, etc.
  • We:
    • Record all transactions
    • Perform bank account and balance sheet reconciliations
    • Generate income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement
  • Modified cash basis accounting
  • Services performed monthly or quarterly


  • Outsource certain accounting functions
  • You select which services you wish for us to perform and which functions you prefer to keep in house.
    • For example, we pay your bills, perform bank account reconciliations, record all accounting transactions, generate financial statements, while you continue to invoice your clients and pay your payroll
  • Cash, modified cash or accrual basis accounting
  • Services performed daily, weekly or monthly


  • We perform all accounting functions on your behalf
  • Cash, modified cash or accrual basis accounting
  • Services performed daily, weekly or monthly
  • Includes monthly financial review meetings