e:countable Sponsors Equi-Kids Golf Open at Bayville

e:countable Sponsors Equi-Kids Golf Open at Bayville

Congratulations to Equi-Kids on the success of their 17th annual Golf Open last week. e:countable  is proud to have been a sponsor for this event at Bayville Golf Club in Virginia Beach.   Here are some photos of e:countable’s Director of Operations Robin Hubbard enjoying some time on the green.

Robin Equikids sm

Robin and her husband with one of the Equi-Kids therapy horses


Robin 18th hole

Robin with the Tee Sponsorship sign for e:countable




Here’s a shot of Matt Needham, Director of The Cost Segregation Group (e:countable’s sister company )


Equi-Kid’s mission is “To provide, promote and support equine assisted activities for individuals who have mental, physical, emotional, social or learning disabling conditions.”

To learn more about Equi-Kids visit their website at: equikids.org