Advantages of using e:countable vs. a standard bookkeeper:

What happens if your bookkeeper quits?

Your Bookkeeper – vendors and employees don’t get paid and you don’t get financial information

e:countable – with our team approach and backup personnel everything keeps running smoothly

How safe are you from embezzlement, really?

Your Bookkeeper – a single bookkeeper has too much latitude which creates opportunities for theft

e:countable – our team approach with controls and cross checks mitigates the risk of fraud

Do you get the explanations you need to truly understand the numbers?

Your Bookkeeper – most of the time the answer is simply NO

e:countable – a controller or CFO meets with you monthly to give you the insights you need

Are you able to provide your banker quality financial statements?

Your Bookkeeper – maybe yes, maybe no

e:countable – absolutely, and this drastically improves the impression you make on your banker

Is it easy for you to access your financial information and keep your finger on the pulse of your business?

Your Bookkeeper – more than likely you receive paper reports or must be at your office to access data

e:countable – our hosted platform provides secure and flexible acc